Dear our listeners who have supported on Pareon,

Thank you very much not only for listening to our podcast, but also supporting us on Patreon. Your support has encouraged us to continue making podcasts a lot. We really appreciate that.

We are university students and are currently really busy due to job hunting (就活). Thus, we are thinking of reducing the number of episodes we upload from next month (November 2019) until we finish job hunting activities. As we might not upload new episodes as usual, we have decided to stop receiving support on Patreon from next month (November 2019).

We are really sorry for not making podcasts as frequently as before for the coming period because we know many of our listeners are waiting for them.

We were thinking we will upload one or two episodes per month, but we are not sure which. That's why we will stop the Patreon service.

Again, thank you very much for everything and we are really sorry for our decision.
Regarding the proofreading service, we will still accept your drafts for October if you are unable to submit it within this month.